STUDIO TIME: $0.00 per hour! Charged by the Project!

We don't want your passion to be recorded under the pressure of a time limit.  We want you to have the luxury of being able to TAKE YOUR TIME.

You and the Engineer will personally discuss rates based on the projects you would like us to work on.  Payments will be agreed upon and will include Mixing and Mastering fees, as well as Engineer fees.


strives to have a different approach that benefits the client, we want you to remember this experience as one that you would want to go through again in the future!

A typical project Service Agreement including recording, mixing, mastering and engineer fees will run around $250-$300 total. 

(Remember prices are negotiated based on the project!) 

MIXING: Call for a Quote

For inquiries about mixing a project that has already been recorded, give us a call, email us, or just send us a DM on any of our social media pages!

MASTERING: $30 per song

Mastering services are a flat rate of $30 a song.  Project must be mixed to some extent or a separate mixing charge will be applicable.

MUSIC PRODUCTION: Call for a Quote

For any services such as leasing/purchasing instrumentals, drum tracks, hip hop beats, etc. please contact us directly for a quote!